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Gundam Exia will start intervening in the MG series from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Double O)"! GN drive is detachable. A dedicated pedestal for displaying the GN Drive and a protective back cover are included.The clear parts on the chest, arms, and legs are doubled, and the internal markings are finely reproduced with stickers. Equipped with a gimmick that interlocks with the mechanism. Translucent resin material is used for the cords of each part of the aircraft, and the degree of perfection is further improved by the hologram code sheet. Seven swords (GN sword, GN long blade, GN short blade, GN beam saber x 2, GN beam In addition to the dagger x 2), a GN shield equipped with a slide gimmick is included. MG Exia's original special marking seal and Gundam decal are included.

The Gundam Exia from the TV series “Gundam 00” faithfully created in stunning proportion and flexibility for the Master Grade line. Features all of Exia’s weapons including its iconic arm mounted GN Blade. Green translucent plastic complete with laser etched engravings recreate its GN condensers while special holographic film replicates the GN cables dotting its body. Runner x 13, Dry Transfer, stickers, Instruction Manual

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Pairs well with the Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [MG] GN-001 Exia from G-Rework

Customer Reviews

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Patrick DeLaRosa
Mg Gundam Exia

I purchased this kit a bit ago and just built it the other day. I was happy with the build and look forward to the other kits I ordered recently. I appreciate the people who work hard to get everything done at this fine establishment. My kit was shipped out Lightning fast. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much.


My Exia came really quickly and without issue. I will order again.


Didn’t care for this one


So far I’m having a really fun time building exia, But might be a little bias because he is my favorite Gundam in Gundam Evolution.


This MG was designed in 2009, and it has aged quite a lot, a lot of loose parts and limited articulation, surface detail is also very minimal, but I did put extra effort in and it turned out okay. Can’t complain too much because it’s cheaper than other MG kits.

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