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From "Mobile Fighter G Gundam" comes a 1/100 scale Gundam Maxter.
A kit of a heavily armored mobile fighter piloted by Chiboday Crockett, a former boxing champion and representative of Neo America. The transformation to boxer mode is reproduced by replacing the chest front armor. Burning knuckles that attach shoulder armor to both arms can be reproduced. Fighting knuckle deployment can be reproduced without replacement. Corelander can be deformed and detached. Gigantic Magnum 2 reproduces the grip storage gimmick and can be attached to and detached from the waist.

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Zach Smith
Fun older kit

I've bought a few of these now, and while their pretty simple builds, and need a lot of love to look great, it has tons of potential. Plus the transformation gimmic and surfboard are great adds. Plus it's the only 1/100 Maxter you can get your hands on right now...or maybe ever.

Common bandai let's get some G Gundam love in MG form!!

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