MG 1/100 Gundam Mk-II Titans Ver 2.0

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MG (master grade) Ver.2.0 series plastic model of Titans black Gundam Mk-II that appears in "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam". A waist rotation gimmick has been added, allowing for more bold poses. Units 1 to 3 can be reproduced with the attached Gundam decals.

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Lehbert
One of the best UC designs

**Out of Box build with minimal additional work besides panel lining.**
The Mark 2 is easily one of my favorite designs and the coloration is great. Not a challenging build, no major complaints for a visual look. Carrying most of the equipment on the suit itself is always a bonus for me.

Matthew Davis
MG 1/100 Mk II Titans 2.0

The bill is exceptionally easy the parts fit together immaculately and the finished product is something that really has shelf presence, stand us up next to any version of the granddaddy Gundam and the Mark II literally looks like the evil brother twin brother that is. An amazing build and something every gunplay builder and collector should have in their collection

Clay edge
A Good Master Grade

It's not often I go for older Master Grades. Few have the charm that grab me, or i simply wish to go after. Here is one that i wanted to have.

The 2.0 is a good master grade with solid construction and stability. While it is a kit from 2006, and is showing its age, it's a step in the direction that Master Grades were taking at the time. It has good mobility, color separation, but it IS an earlier Master Grade.

Some of the parts are sill hollow and more akin to High Grade kits, namely the side and front skirts. The knee armor also pops off too easily and might need to be stiffened a little. The sliding shield is a nice gimmick, but there's no way to secure it while in it's folded mode. The hoses are a nice touch, but are a pain to install.

Yet, i do like the look and feel of the model. The construction was a blast and a nice hearken to older models. I'm not adverse to building older kits, in fact a few i truly enjoy.

Its looks great on my shelf next to my 3.0 Gramps, so a solid buy for me.

Great Kit!

This is probably one of my favorite kits. It’s fun to built and I love you look of it. I could spent 2 hours just posing it! Highly recommend Kit.

Ken DePena
Titans would be proud!

A striking kit and fun to build. This kits looks will stick out in any collection due to the color scheme alone, but comes with a great array of weaponry and is very easy to pose.

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