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GLAZER Plastic Model & Figure Finishing Solution

Market’s first modeling maintenance product. GLAZER is a compound of silicon nanoparticles and organic polymer smaller than water molecules. It has the unique characteristic of creating a micro-film layer on matte or glossy surfaces to maintain the original texture and improve the surface's feel and overall visual perfection. The chemical composition of silicon in GLAZER has a high chemical resistance, and it provides excellent protection from contaminating substances.


  • Elegant feel, smooth touch
  • Extra layer of surface protection
  • Non-toxic water-based solution
  • Semi-permanent and continuous effect

Volume: 60ml / 2oz (approx. 500 x spray capacity)

Technology: Nanoparticle Silicon

Product Components:

  • Dust Brush
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Test Card


Made in Korea

■ How to use
Brushing​: Suitable for tight gaps and complex areas. Spray once and use the brush to evenly spread. Finish with buffing with microfiber towel if excessive residue is noticeable.
Buffing: Suitable for wide areas. Spray once and use microfiber towel for buffing.

■ Important while using
Avoid direct sunlight and store in a room temperature.
Always use this product in a well ventilated area.
Wear a glove and mask for protection. Rinse with water if contact with skin.
Do not apply this product before decals and topcoat. Decals won't stick if used after GLAZER is applied onto the surface.
Do not spray onto living things and food.
Keep away from eyes. Always keep enough distance from your eyes when spraying.
keep away from children.
Use it only for modeling maintenance. Do not use this product other than what's intended for.

■ For more information about the product please visit GUNPRIMER.COM

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