M.S.G. Hand Unit Round Finger Neo

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This M.S.G set is a complete renewal of the original Round Finger hand units.

The set includes four types of left and right hands, each equipped with a swing joint.
The set also includes three types of connector parts:
 3.0mm Joints
 3.5mm Ball Joints
 5.0mm Ball (can be attached to the 3.0mm joints.)
The variety of connector parts allows these hand parts to be used with a variety of Kotobukiya’s plastic model units, including the Frame Arms and Hexa Gear lines.

Set Lineup
Weapon Holding Hand A:
These hands are the best parts for using M.S.G Weapon Units and Heavy Weapon Units. The fingers are closed relatively tightly, making them suitable for bladed weapons. The angle of these hand parts can be adjusted by changing out the swing joint parts.

Weapon Holding Hand B:
These standard weapon holding hands are suitable for larger weapons such as rifles.

Open Hands:
The fingers of these hands are spread out, giving them a dramatic appearance. These grasping hands are perfect for displaying your models in a variety of dynamic action poses. These hand parts also come with a variety of connection parts making them compatible with a wide range of model kits.

Closed Hands:
The fingers of these hands are curled into a closed fist.

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