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Model Information:
The Definition Armor is a new class of weapon that was built for the purpose of reducing the size and cost of the unit by utilizing the technology adopted in the most successful large biped humanoid HEXA GEAR, the BULKARM α.

The components of this initial design are built around a new type of reinforced exoskeleton that covers the Governor in a simple armor and power unit, connecting its arms and legs with the outer units. When field trials began, this scarecrow-like design claimed to be a new type of reinforced exoskeleton that would be easier to mass produce while still providing infantrymen with adequate firepower. However, as its durability did not match that of the BULKARM α and came off as merely another bipedal walking device, it received a negative response and was called a "half-baked design." In order to optimize its capabilities as a weapon, the Definition Armor was modified to further reduce weight and improve producibility.

The new model equipped with a large rear propulsion system was dubbed the "Arial Fighter." It is able to achieve high-speed deployment through low-altitude leaping maneuvers that were not possible in the Bulkarm series.

The appearance began to look increasingly less "humanoid," as the legs were given the minimal frame required to support the main body. The limbs that made up the arms were also modified to be simple suspenders for armaments. However, its cavalry-like linear acceleration made it useful as a ground unit, and it eventually went into mass production in fixed quantities.

Despite the initial poor response, the unit came to be widely known as the "woodpecker" thanks to its ability to stall slow-moving enemy units with a single sharp stab of its Stunning Lance. The sight of an exceedingly small unit using its mobility against heavyweight HEXA GEAR sent shock waves through the battlefield and proclaimed the arrival of a new generation.


  • ■ Stunning Lance
    ■ Lightweight Shield

Product Specifications:

  • You can freely customize this model using the 3mm Arm Extension Joints and 3mm Leg Extension Joints that are usable with 3mm mounting joints as seen in Frame Arms, etc.
  • The cockpit can be opened and closed to set an Early Governor (Special Head Ver.) inside. The sensor inside of the cockpit can also be opened and closed, enabling the Governor inside to peek outside of the cockpit. 
  • An open-type cockpit canopy is included in this model kit which you can set a Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Gourai, etc. inside.
    *Some exceptions apply due to the construction of the part.
  • The flexible leg parts of this model enable this model to be adjusted into a compact size.
  • The Early Governor head part included comes in an all new design.
    *Other attachments for the head are not included.
  • Can be attached to various Flying Base (sold separately) to enjoy countless action poses. 
  • The color of the Woodpecker base model uses the same dark blue and gunmetal coloration as the previously released Bulkarm Alpha.

Included Items:

  • Ariel Fighter Woodpecker Model ×1
  • Open-Type Canopy ×1
  • 3mm Arm Extension Joints ×2
  • 3mm Leg Extension Joints ×2
  • Early Governor (Special Head Ver.) 
  • Left and Right Wrist Parts ×3 
  • PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. ×1
  • Archive Card ×1

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