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Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

HEXA GEAR BOOSTER PACK008 is a set of leg units with high compatibility with HEXA GEAR insect units.
The kit is made in HEXA GEAR dark green, a color used frequently throughout the series. Combine booster packs 007 through 010 to assemble a dark green version of the large artillery combat unit HEXA GEAR BLOCKADE IVY.

Model Specifications:

  • This leg unit can be used for both the second-generation humanoid and third-generation biomechanical type HEXA GEAR, and is great for building original models.
  • Each leg is made up of three units: a base, middle, and end. Interchange the parts to match a variety of sizes and themes.
  • Each unit has multiple moving parts and can be used as a large joint unit.
  • Choose from a 3, 4, or 5mm connection point for the base-unit-side of the middle unit to combine the legs with a variety of other models and items.
  • Each unit can be disassembled and attached to various types of HEXA GEAR via the HEXA G-R.A.M System.

Included Items:

  • Base Unit x6
  • Middle Unit x6
  • End Unit x6
  • Middle Unit Joint Part with 5mm Connection Point x6
  • Middle Unit Joint Part with 4mm Connection Point x6
  • Middle Unit Joint Part with 3mm Connection Point x6

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