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Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Information:
Developed by the third-party company Maxwell Gears, Bulkarm Glanz was a rather irregular addition to the many derivatives of the Bulkarm series, with its numerous advanced experimental armaments that resulted in its classification as a 2.5-gen model.

The model encapsulates one of the goals of the second-generation Hexa Gears, which is to reach the limits of humanoid heavy machinery, regardless of its capabilities as a weapon. The unit involved in test operations often ridiculed it, calling it a "waste of money and technology" and "hardly fit to be a weapon" due in part to its classical comic book-like hobbyist appearance.

However, the model also boasted unprecedented mobility for a second-gen machine, brought about by the wheeled running gear that was not present in the original model. In addition, it had limbs that could freely handle a wide range of extended equipment called the brain-machine interface (BMI) that provided Governors with intuitive controls, and system conversion that could instantly switch the machine's drive system. While some features had much room for improvement, it was like the beginning of a new era for Governors who could master them.

Dubbed the "Steel Giant," the model was sent into battle under the guise of an engineering test. Its heroic appearance and improved performance over the second-gen Hexa Gears of the time garnered much attention. This ultimately resulted in the creation of numerous replicas and imitations by Governors and investors wanting to develop humanoid heavy machinery.

Redalert was a nickname given to one of the few surviving Bulkarm Glanz Hexa Gears customized to match its Governor's combat style.

The fiery red color of the primary unit embodies an unwavering fighting spirit, which may appear a little inappropriate on the battlefield where lives are at stake. However, the red is actually a special coating that was applied to compensate for the lighter, weaker armor. 

This coating was another of Maxwell Gears' "ambitious ideas," and serves to mitigate the impact of bullets and protect the delicate internals of the unit. As with the other armaments developed by this company, the coating is not suitable for mass production and only a few prototypes were ever made. An unintentional side effect of the color was that it made the machine stand out on the battlefield, opening it up to concentrated fire. However, with its ability to withstand such attacks, the units were then able to successfully contribute to the collection of data on high-speed combat and simultaneously help improve the combat skills of the Governor.

In the early stages of deployment, the units consisted of the same parts as the original model with the exception of the aforementioned coated armor. However, as the battle raged on, parts were exhausted and began to be replaced with increasingly experimental armaments. One of the first parts to be replaced was the head unit, which, in compliance with the wishes of the Governors, was swapped out for a unit more suited for close-range, high-mobility combat.

To a Governor, however, "survival" is the alpha and omega. As long as a unit has the ability to clinch victory, nothing else matters. As such, units and their armaments will surely continue to evolve, now and forever.

The man inside the Governor suit is transfixed on sword duels and has poured his entire being into a rematch with Bloodmark, the champion whom he once met in a rating game and was unable to defeat. To take down the champion and his Slugger Blade, the Governor faces his nemesis again with a new blade, Guren, forged from the precious material, stelacrys.

"We meet again, champion. Fight me and give me a reason to live!"

Model Specifications:

  • Parts of the head are newly sculpted and the sensor is pre-painted. The tip of the shield is designed to match the shapes of the new head as well as how its surrounding parts transform to vehicle mode.
  • The Samurai Master Sword included is a special clear orange variant, making it an impactful piece just by combining the parts, just like the Slugger Blade for Bulkarmβ Lumberjack.
  • The model can be converted between Humanoid Mode and Vehicle Mode.
  • *The shield, rifle, and assist wheel connector parts need to be switched out.
  • Like the previously released Bulkarm Glanz, this kit includes a fully closable cockpit that can be equipped with a separately sold Governor model.
  • The included hand parts are the same as M.S.G. Hand Unit Wild Hands, with a few updates to the design, giving them more stability when holding weapons.
  • The tires on the Assist Wheels are made of PVC, giving them a realistic appearance. The wheels are also equipped with an expansion mechanism that allows users to alter the distance of the vehicle from the ground.
  • The rifle magazine is detachable, and is constructed with high detail that allows you to see the bullets inside the magazine.
  • The model is constructed using the HEXA-G.R.A.M. system, making it highly customizable and compatible with other models from the HEXA GEAR series.
  • The retractable headlights are stored in the shins of the model and can be deployed while in vehicle mode.
  • The model’s tail lights are made separately in clear red and orange.

Included Items:

  • Bulkarm Glanz Redalert ×1 Set
  • Samurai Master Sword Special Color Variant ×1
  • Rifle ×1
  • Shield ×1
  • Three Types of Hand Parts (Closed, Open, Holding Weapon) ×1 Pair Each
  • Assist Wheel Attachment Part ×2
  • Archive Card ×1

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