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In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the anime "Macross", a new series of BANDAI SPIRITS "Macross" plastic models will start on HG! The first is
  • A new system "Three-stage transformation (shortcut change)" created by re-examining "deformation", "form" and "movability" is newly installed.
  • Simplification of the transformation sequence is achieved by adopting a new transformation mechanism that incorporates parts replacement. It can be easily transformed into Battroid, Gawalk, and Fighter.
  • Three-stage transformation (shortcut change) allows for three-dimensional modeling that pursues the form and setting image of each form without being affected by modeling restrictions that occur when the transformation mechanism is reproduced.
  • By eliminating a complicated structure, a movable range is provided inside the main body, realizing a new dimension of movable performance that has never existed before.
  • We adopt "polarization molding" to canopy part. You can enjoy the colors that change depending on how the light hits it.
  • Effect parts for reproducing "Pinpoint Barrier Punch" are included.
  • Although it is extremely thin, it exhibits excellent concealment, and comes with a name sticker that allows vivid color reproduction even over parts with dark molding colors.
  • Gun pod x1
  • Shield x1
  • Effect parts x1
  • Landing gear x1
  • Fighter form reproduction parts x1
  • Gerwalk form reproduction parts x1
  • Joint parts x1
  • Hand parts × 1 formula
  • Namer sticker × 2

Pairs well with the HG 1/100 YF-19 Water Decals from Bandai

Pairs well with the HG YF-19 Water Decal from Delpi Decal

Customer Reviews

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Wilhelm Riefkohl

Big fan of Macross so im glad i got this sweet kit!!!

Great kit, Easy Transformation

Always love to see a new Macross kit! The build was fun and it just looks so cool in all the forms I kind of want to get two more so I don't have to decide but It is super easy to transform between the three modes without worrying about breaking anything. Sturdy to display in any pose, even the Gerwalk is balanced to stand on its own. Some of the best stickers Bandai has put out but they are still stickers and not waterslides so if you want a cleaner look grab the Delpi ones if possible just because decals are easier to get lined up.

David Lakeman

It's a very well made HG kit. I was disappointed because I thought it was a MG when I ordered.


It looked like it was coming as well as another model.

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