HGUC 1/144 #196 MS-07B Gouf

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■From "Mobile Suit Gundam", the 7th "Reborn -REVIVE-" lineup includes "Gufu"!
■Various poses are possible with modern proportions, heat rods that can be freely bent, and a wide range of motion!
■By adopting a "wedge gate", it is easy to remove from the runner, and gate marks are less likely to remain, so you can enjoy a beautiful finish!
■A variety of main weapons are included, including a heat saber that can be stored in the shield!

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Pairs well with the Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Customer Reviews

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Can't wait to build this

Excellent kit

The Revive Gouf is an amazing upgrade over its predecessor. The parts are colored nicely. Seams line up nicely that a person doesn’t need to invest much effort to make the figure look solid. It’s articulation is great, allowing you to pull off numerous poses that you’d believe the torso could not do with the power cables. The kit’s shapes are more akin to the classic Gundam design, bulbous and elongated.

The upgraded left hand finger guns have bend in the fingers and thumbs. The added left hand sword grip holds the heat saber great. Having dual heat sabers customized for either hand is rad when the translucent plastic catches the light. The whip in the right wrist is thick and can flex, being removed by popping out the right forearm housing to slide the end piece out. It doesn’t perfectly hold a position when curled but it’s strong enough to get the look you’ll want. The shield can mount to the left arm and store one of the two saber hilts, hold firm in the grip hands to show off a straight ahead shielding position or the lower arm curl & block position if you leave it attached to the arm connector. The backpack has a spot to mount the shield to the back. The monoeye operates on a swivel so the sticker can point whatever direction you please. It also is on a raised point that gives the feel that there is a camera mounted on the track.

If you have spare weapons the kit does a great job posing with the traditional Zeonic HG parts. Something the old HGUC Gouf did better was including the upgraded machine gun which is absent in this kit. The space on the backpack that fits the shield feels like there was a thought to include weapon storage for a larger weapon like a bazooka, either the Zaku’s or the Dom’s. A wishlist item for this kit would be a Dodai to carry the Gouf as a stand for the figure.

This would be a perfect entry level kit if it had dedicated one more sprue to ranged weapons. It’s still a great overall figure but staring at it feels like there was an intention to add more by the designers that was probably cut to keep costs down. There are spare Gouf parts that I’m guess are from the Gouf R35. I couldn’t tell if there were any major angular differences between the excess parts or the used parts. These minor gripes don’t detract overall from a great kit and figure.

Who doesn’t love this blue boy.

Tbh this kit is in my backlog and hasn’t been built yet

Steve Siemens

a ok

Armando Araujo
Cannot wait to get more.

Great kit! Came in great condition. No dents or creases on the box, if anyone worries about that. And quick shipping. Received in a timely manner. No issues. Definitely going to continue ordering kits from Mecha Warehouse!

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