HG AMAIM 1/72 Warrior at the Borderline Weapon Set 2

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A weapon set that aggregates the armaments of the "Boundary Senki" series is now available! Enjoy the original arrangement of plastic models in combination with various aircraft!
  • A set of armaments attached to the main character's machine, such as a super heat swing combat naginata, a 40mm portable short machine gun, a super heat swing type naginata, and a 45mm rotary armored machine gun.

  • Super heat swing type combat naginata x 1
  • 40mm arm machine gun x 1
  • 45mm rotary armored machine gun x 1
  • 40mm portable short machine gun x 2
  • Super heat swing type naginata Kai x 1
  • (Back) Suspension type) Multiple small guided missile launcher x 1
  • Machete x 1
  • Multi launcher x 1
  • 180mm portable grenade gun x 1
  • 60mm portable cannon (multiple magazine type) x 1
  • Weapon rack x 1

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