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From the latest work in the series "Kyoukai Senki Kyokko no Souki", the main character's aircraft "Meires Protogouyou" has been transformed into the fastest three-dimensional model!
  • With emphasis on expandability, 3mm diameter connection holes are placed in various locations for customization. If you combine it with the separately sold weapon set series, you can create an original plastic model arrangement.
  • A variety of weapons are included, including a machete, a special assault rifle, a special handgun, and a dagger knife.
  • Machetes and special handguns can be attached to various connection holes by using the included joints.
  • The blades of the two included dagger knives are removable. Expressing the storage gimmick to the armor on the back of the knee.
  • Head parts are selectable to represent expanded and retracted states.

  • Dedicated assault rifle x 1
  • Dedicated handgun x 1
  • Machete x 1
  • Dagger knife x 2
  • Weapon rack x 1
  • Rear scar truck x 1
  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • Joint parts x 1 set
  • Seal x 2 types

Customer Reviews

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Eric Lam
Outstanding HG

It's just a very solid kit aside from the rifle not wanting to stay in the bracket you can use when you don't want it to be held in the hands but everything else is SUPERB. I absolutely love this kit due to how solid it is, it looks great and if you buy some of those AMAIM Warrior at the Border or something sets the customization is insanely fun. I would buy another if I had space for it.

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