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A new science fiction project “SYNDUALITY” that challenges the theme of “passing each other” between humans and AI has started in earnest!
From the TV anime "SYNDUALITY" scheduled to start broadcasting in 2023, "Gilbow" piloted by the mysterious man "Black Mask" is equipped with distinctive weapons and various gimmicks, and is the fastest in the HG series to become three-dimensional!
  • The cockpit and coffin are sculpted with great detail and are equipped with a slide/open gimmick. Black mask and Schnee figures are included, allowing you to recreate the riding state.
  • The "Energy Impact Blade" and "Missile Pod" on the arm can be deployed.
  • Multiple movable axes are built into the characteristic legs. Parts for changing the shape of the legs are also included to recreate the hover state from the movie.
  • A display pedestal is included to support action poses.
  • Comes with stickers that can reproduce impressive markings.
  • Rifle x 1
  • Blade effect x 1
  • Missile pod x 1
  • Hand parts x 1 set
  • Leg shape transformation parts x 1 set
  • Display pedestal x 1
  • Figure x 2 types (black mask, Schnee)
  • Seal x 2 types

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