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A new demon god who inherits Ryujinmaru's soul descends into HG! 

From "Mashin Hero Wataru 2", the Majin Ryuseimaru is newly sculpted and commercialized from the HG series.

The transformation to the characteristic flying dragon form is also reproduced by recombination of various gimmicks and parts.

The joints are equipped with a pull-out mechanism that allows you to hold the sword with both hands while sculpting with a sense of volume.

The included light dragon sword jewel uses a jewel seal. Comes with a pedestal that enables display in Hiryu mode. 

● The golden genie, Ryuseimaru, has been commercialized from the HG series with a new design.

Ryuseimaru's characteristic form is newly molded and commercialized from the HG series, and the color coding of the shoulders is reproduced by dividing the parts into different molding colors.

The gold part adopts a gold molding color to produce a divine feeling.

Reproduce the transformation of Ryuseimaru into its true form [Hiryu]

Equipped with a transformation gimmick to "Hiryu", which is the true form of Ryuseimaru. Reproduced with various gimmicks and recombination of some parts.

The included display pedestal allows for a flying dragon display.

● "Light dragon sword" is included!

A jewel seal is used for the jewel part. Left and right weapon holding hands, left and right palms are included.

● Both hands can be held with a drawer-type gimmick!

Equipped with a drawer-type movable mechanism on the shoulder. The back and forth swing mechanism on the body side is also installed, and it is possible to hold the "light dragon sword" with both hands.

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