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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Gundam SEED Destiny", a new special Destiny Gundam is being released in HG format! Focusing on recreating its dynamic action poses, the Destiny Gundam has been rebuilt from the ground up and incorporates new joint in the torso and waist that allow an unbelievable range of motion. In addition, its complete weapon loadout: Long Range Energy Cannon, Beam Rifle, Arondight Anti-Ship Sword, Beam Boomerangs, Beam Shield is included down to the effect parts in its Wings of Light and Palm Fiocina cannon! Runner x 11, Sticker, Instruction Manual.

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Customer Reviews

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Loved it, it was a fun build, and it came in quick

Simply Amazing

This was the 4th kit I’ve built so far and all I can say is it blew my mind. The whole kit is just so cool and it looks great as my current center piece on a black action base. I had a blast putting this model together and quite a few times I just sat back and marveled at the engineering at play with it. The waist joint was by far the coolest in my opinion with 3 moving parts that give it a healthy ab crunch. All I have to say is buy it, things amazing

Incredibly fun build

Had a lot of fun with this one, 10/10 will recommend.

The Effect Parts Shine!

The effect parts are the star of the show with this kit; they really stand out! It is a great build a blast to put together. Posability is solid. Just a enjoyable kit to build.

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