HGUC 1/144 #222 RX-9/A Narrative Gundam C-Packs

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■ Reproduce the Narrative Gundam's C equipment with new modeling parts.
■ Reproduce the color coding of the core fighter and legs of the abdomen by parts. A design reminiscent of Unicorn Gundam is worn throughout the body.
■ Sets the beam rifle that is equipped for the first time with C equipment, and the shield attached to the psychoframe. In addition to the left and right hand grips, right hand parts for weapons are also included.
■ Seal that reproduces red dual eye of NT-D activation state during battle in colony is attached.

■ Beam rifle x1
■ Shield x1
■ Beam saber x2

[Product contents]
■ Molded product x11
■ Foil seal x1

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It may be C-Packs but it's A+