IMS 1/100 L.E.D. MIRAGE V3 Light Armament Version


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"LED Mirage V3" equipped with bail is finally available in the IMS1/100 series!

Based on the design of the "LED Mirage V3" announced in the design art book "Night Flags", which was a compilation of the latest designs at the time, the main features of the main horse, such as the frame structure and translucent laminated armor, were retained, and the frame unit and frame It is three-dimensional with a light armored specification with only the main bail with the launcher removed.

In addition to the integrally molded head and waist center armor parts made from a new mold that was adopted in the previously released ceremony specification, there is also a completely new molded bail part based on feedback from the 1/144 "LED Mirage V3 Light Armored Specification". Beautifully reproduced.
Equipped with a large and distinctive main bail that has been long-awaited by fans, the LED Mirage body has also been partially newly designed to improve ease of assembly, and the evolution (deepening) of IMS will continue forever.

The "Strongest Illusion", which was the most difficult in the history of IMS development, has been rebuilt as a "light armored version".

It's been about 10 years since the release of the IMS1/100 "LED Mirage V3 INFERNO NAPALM", which can now be called a legendary kit.
At that time, it was imperative to completely reproduce the "LED Mirage V3" published in the design art book "Night Flags", which is also the setting material, with an injection kit and in the fastest way in the world, so we had no choice but to give up on the single unit. The parts designs that make up the various equipment have now been realized here, thanks to Zoukei-mura's long-accumulated FSS three-dimensional object know-how and years of passion.
Please take your time and enjoy the conditions of the popular cavalry's bail equipment.

Check out the long-awaited main bail, which is lightweight and easy to assemble!

A veil equipped state that is reminiscent of the shocking battle scene that unfolded at the beginning of ``Five Star Story'', which still leaves a strong impression even today, has finally been realized.
The characteristic large main bail, which is one of the standard equipment of this horse and has a large mirage mark engraved in the center, can be connected to the left arm via the bust block with a connecting arm as configured.
Based on feedback from the 1/144 ``LED Mirage V3 Lightly Weared Specification'', we have reduced the weight in terms of design, and achieved a three-dimensional effect with a small number of parts.
There is also a detailed mold engraved on the back of the bail, so just by carefully painting it to make use of the semi-transparent armor expression, it will definitely add to the three-dimensional effect!

Comes with a wide variety of optional parts! You can enjoy the "strongest illusion" with your favorite specifications.

Includes 1 main bail drawn in the design art book "Night Flags" and a bust block with arm for connecting the bail (for left arm).
Two real swords are included, and you can select whether the sword is drawn or sheathed.
Ease of assembly has also been improved with the integrated head and waist center armor parts made from a new mold, adopted from the ceremonial specification.
Also included are the distinctive mirage mark, a variety of cavalry number decals, 7 types of wrists (left and right fists, left and right palms, angled left and right weapon holders, right weapon holder), and an ankle with heel deployment (selectable). . You can assemble it to your desired specifications.

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