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The long-awaited IMS version of the "Auge Arsculs" with the "A" number of the Knights of Mirage!

The lineage of the Imperial Knight K.O.G., the "Prototype Knight of Gold," finally makes its appearance in IMS!
Although the Auge Arsculs is a prototype MH, its performance is similar to that of the K.O.G. and L.E.D. Mirage. Before the establishment of the Knights of the Mirage, Amaterasu built two MHs at the same time in the same base format for Hierarchy.
The one that Hierarchy chose became the Water Dragon (Schpertor), and the other was equipped with the Auger Binder and completed for Kaien.
After Hierarchy's death, Kaien chose to inherit the Schpertor, but the remaining Auge Arsculs was moved to Adler's Baranshay residence, where it was used to support the development of the Mirage series and Fatima's training.
It is said that the vast amount of data from this time was returned to the Mirage series and K.O.G. Please enjoy the charm of the "Prototype Knight of Gold," which is also Schpertor's brother, in the model as well.

Pay attention to the "Auger Binders" on both shoulders that bear the knight's name!
The active binder system (an automatic defense device), which puts up a barrier on the armored surface to automatically catch missiles and beams, is a defense weapon that was often used in space battles before the history of star clusters to repel everything but real swords. The huge Auger Binders on both shoulders, which are an application of this system, are both movable and strong, and by integrating the internal frames as much as possible, anyone can enjoy assembling and posing the figure with ease.

A wide variety of optional parts allow you to recreate various situations such as the battle scenes in the play!
The Auger Binders on both shoulders can be detached and reattached, and the random slates on the legs can be opened and closed in selectable ways. Also included are not only the real sword, but also a light sword, two types of stabilizers, and five types of wrists including a weapon holding hand. You can also recreate the heated battle scene between Atropos and the MH Apache driven by Braford and Kyo, where Atropos single-handedly fought to save Amaterasu during the battle for the Water of Life that took place on the planet Vos Castepaw in the year 2992!
In addition, the head shape that was unveiled in the pinup of the NT magazine has also been beautifully reproduced. In addition, the head shape that was unveiled in the pinup of the NT magazine is also beautifully reproduced, allowing you to enjoy the figure in a variety of situations.

[Important Note about IMS]

  1. This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
  2. This product has sharp edges in its design. Please be careful when handling this product.
  3. The picture is a completed example. The actual product is an unpainted assembly kit.
  4. The image is a sample. Please note that there may be some differences from the actual product.
  5. A precision screwdriver (sold separately) is required for assembly.
  6. Please read through the “instruction manual” before you start assembling.
  7. *Choking Hazard* This item may contain small parts.
  8. Please do not cover your face or head with the plastic bag that contained the parts. There is a risk of suffocation.
  9. This item is made to precision. It can be damaged by dropping or bending toward the unreasonable direction.

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