Volks IMS 1/144 V Siren [Prominence]

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Thoroughly reproduce the charm of the destroyer MH "Prominence" driven by the young emperor Dai Gu!

The fifth installment of the IMS 1/144 scale line up is the V Siren Prominence, the emperor's horseman of the Fillmore royal family that forms a counterpart to Christine's Neptune. In contrast to the slender and feminine Neptune, the V Siren Prominence features a tough, angular mask and a powerful form. The flames on her shoulders and her distinctive pattern are reproduced with decals and sculpting.

Even though it is a small scale, the charm of the destroyer type MH is thoroughly reproduced!

This kit thoroughly recreates the special specifications of the Destroyer Type MH, which was stripped of unnecessary armor when the young Emperor Dai Gu made his first appearance during the invasion of Hasuha in the Magic Wars. Note the slender yet powerfully distinctive silhouette, including the large bail and rear stabilizers that seem to show the dignity of the imperial horseman.

The delicate and complex shape of each part is not only integrated to the utmost limit, but also the shared frame with its counterpart "Neptune", allowing you to enjoy the structure of the cavalry and its design philosophy while assembling.

[Important Note about IMS]

  1. This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
  2. This product has sharp edges in its design. Please be careful when handling this product.
  3. The picture is a completed example. The actual product is an unpainted assembly kit.
  4. The image is a sample. Please note that there may be some differences from the actual product.
  5. A precision screwdriver (sold separately) is required for assembly.
  6. Please read through the “instruction manual” before you start assembling.
  7. *Choking Hazard* This item may contain small parts.
  8. Please do not cover your face or head with the plastic bag that contained the parts. There is a risk of suffocation.
  9. This item is made to precision. It can be damaged by dropping or bending toward the unreasonable direction.

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