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From "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2", "Lancelot Albion", a special machine for "Night of Zero" Suzaku Kururugi, has appeared in the HG series with completely new modeling.

With the latest format, both Lancelot Albion's body shape and mobility are compatible.

PET material is used for the energy wing on the back, and a wealth of weapons such as Super Valis that can reproduce each form are attached. 

● Lancelot Albion is converted to HG with completely new modeling

  The body shape of Lancelot Albion, the 9th generation KMF (Knightmare Frame), is reproduced with completely new modeling. Uses a mechanism that allows the forearm cover parts to sink when the elbow is bent. Land spinner, The tire part rotates freely. Super Valis, can be mounted on the back in the stored state. Includes storage parts for 1 and 2 pieces. 

-Reproduce the "Energy Wing"!

  The flight equipment "Energy Wing", which is also a feature of Lancelot Albion, is reproduced using PET material.

  By moving the hip joint parts, you can reproduce the determined pose at the time of the first sortie!

 -Comes with various weapons

  Includes Super Valis / MVS (Maser Vibration Sword) / Blaze Luminous / Slash Harken.

  The "Super Valis" that comes with 2 pieces reproduces the 3 forms of normal mode / hadron mode / full burst mode and the stored state.

  Four slash harkens are included, and the injection form can be reproduced with lead wires.

 ● Various action poses are possible

  The movable gimmick of the upper body makes it possible to reproduce action poses that require a deep forward leaning posture such as starting poses.

 ● Delivered in a full-color package!

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