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An accessory for the PG Unicorn Gundam (sold separately) that consists of 30 LED units that are used for the head and Psycho Frame embedded throughout the body. This set features a lighting sequence that allows the replication of the Unicorn's Psycho Frame transformation as seen in the 7 episode OVA "Gundam UC," as well as a powering down sequence. 4 AA batteries required (not included).

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Riley
Great job

Came in over a weekend with it's pg counterpart both flawless in packaging.


Can't get the pg Unicorn without


Can't wait to get this put tigether

Doug Wilder
Worth the extra price and time

There are two key things to know about this LED kit.
First, no matter how good camera or photographer is, no pictures will convey how much better the installed LED unit looks in person. Others who built with it before me told me the same thing and even though I went in with higher expectations, I was still stunned when I saw everything in action.
Second, you will have a much better time installing this as you build the Perfect Grade kit instead of doing it after the fact. The instructions are right in the standard manual so it’s easy to do it as you go, no need to flip between two different books.

No matter which PG Unicorn you build, be it the original, the final battle version (see my pictures), the Banshee, or the Phenex, this LED unit is compatible with all of them.

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