M.S.G Heavy Weapon Unit 13 Grind Circle

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HEAVY WEAPON UNIT13, the spinning circular chainsaw, is a weapon like no other!

The disassembly and reconfiguration feature that is popular throughout the series is present, of course, allowing the unit to be assembled into the standard Grind Circle, as well as the large sword, Crescent Cutter.
The unit shows its true potential when paired with an external generator. The circular blade actually spins when plugged in!
Choose from the two included bonus parts, silver or clear blade parts, and customize the model.


  • Equip the unit with an external generator (sold separately), to rotate the circular blade and create a working circular chainsaw.
  • Remove the engine and attach the small blades and Grip B to the rail parts to create two Crescent Cutter swords.
  • The main unit connector parts can be used to connect multiple Grind Circles together. The unit can also be arranged into one large wheel unit.

 Included Items: 

  • Engine Part 
  • Rails ×2 
  • Circular Blade (Silver) 
  • Circular Blade (Clear) 
  • Rail Connector Parts 
  • Grip A ×2 
  • Grip B ×2 
  • Main Unit Connector Parts ×2 
  • Small Blade A ×8 
  • Small Blade B ×4

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