M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 07 Skull Massacre

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The 7th installment of the popular HEAVY WEAPON UNIT series features a boldly unique scythe-style weapon!

This weapon can be transformed from its basic form, “Death Scythe Mode” (a scythe of approx. 230mm) into a machete or disassembled into multiple blades. By using the included attachment, it can be reconfigured into “Large Shuriken Mode.”
In addition, users can enjoy even further customization by reconfiguring the small blades to form a claw part that looks like bird talons or swapping out the skull head sitting on top of the weapon with the head part of Frame Architect via a ball joint.
Each of the parts include 3mm connection points that allows for combination with the Heavy Weapon Unit and FRAME ARMS series.

Included Items:

  • Large Blade ×1
  • Small Blade ×2
  • Grip ×3
  • Machete ×1
  • Skull Head ×1
  • Skull Head Joint ×1
  • Long Grip ×1
  • Base Small Blade ×1
  • Shuriken Mode Attachment ×1
  • Grip Bearing Attachment ×2
  • Connection Joint ×2

(This item is a reproduction.)


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