M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 17 Revolving Buster Cannon

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Introducing the fifth Heavy Weapon compatible with external generators!
This unit is a large weapon equipped with the best spring-powered feature yet.

Installing an EXTERNAL GENERATOR (sold separately), allows the revolver’s cylinder to spin and the cannon barrel to recoil.

These features can also be enjoyed manually without an EXTERNAL GENERATOR.

Each part has a standard 3mm connection joint, meaning that this unit can be combined with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl models. The set includes a swath of playable parts, including armor plates and radomes, all of which can be interchanged.


  • By installing an EXTERNAL GENERATOR (sold separately), users can enjoy the barrel recoiling like gunfire and the cylinder on the revolver spin for reload.
  • Since the various accessories, including armor plates, grips with multiple designs, and radomes, have standard 3mm connection joints, they can be attached to Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl models. Additionally, the unit itself can be reassembled to form various weapons such as a double-barrel shotgun, shield, and grenade gun.
  • The features of the barrel and cylinder can still be enjoyed manually without an EXTERNAL GENERATOR.

Included Parts:

  • Main Unit ×1
  • Armor Plate ×2
  • Barrel Part ×2
  • Barrel Connecting Part ×2
  • Muzzle Brake ×1
  • Radome ×2
  • Roll Bar ×2
  • Rail Unit ×2
  • Double-Barrel Base ×2
  • Grip A ×2
  • Grip B ×2
  • Grip C ×2
  • 3mm Connection Joint Attachment ×2

(This item is a reproduction.)

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