M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 37 - Combat Cell

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Designed around the concept of "fit for any mission"!


This Tactical Container can hold four types of weapons and equipment!
The units consist of a set of handguns, two transformable submachine guns, a tactical backpack, and a folding rocket launcher.
Recreate combat scenes in a variety of ranges and situations with the different units.
The units can also be freely combined, allowing for different configurations according to the mission. 
A dedicated flexible arm allows free connection with models.
Also, the included PVC belted carrier unit allows models to carry the tactical backpack and handgun case like a school bag.

Model Specifications: 

  • Includes two handguns. The silencer included in the handgun case can be mounted on the handguns. The magazines can also be removed from the case.
  • The transformable submachine guns can be separated from the container and transformed into dual-wieldable submachine guns for models to hold.
  • The rocket launcher can fold out of its container form into a weapon.

Included Items: 

  • Handgun ×2 
  • Spare Magazine ×4
  • Extended Magazine ×1 
  • Silencer ×1 
  • Handgun Case ×1 
  • Transformable Submachine Gun ×2 
  • Folding Rocket Launcher ×1 
  • Tactical Backpack ×1
  • Belted Carrier Unit ×1 
  • Flexible Arm ×1

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