M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 38 Holonic Arms

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Deploy energy arms!

A new concept for an entirely clear weapon set!!
This set features four fantastical weapons that look like they are made out of energy or magic! 
Holding, floating, shooting… 
Display these ethereal weapons in all different ways to recreate your favorite scenes from anime and games!

Each weapon is made entirely of clear parts designed to reflect light and appear as if they are glowing.
The included effect arms are also entirely clear, allowing for never-before-seen weapon poses, including summoning, generating, unlocking and firing.

Model Specifications:

  • All parts in this set are made with clear plastic, including the four weapons, effect arms, and joints.
  • Swords of the same size can be connected together to create double-bladed weapons. Using the 3mm joints on the spear and extra parts for the large sword, the weapons can also be combined in various ways.
  • The effect parts can be combined with the base in four different directions and the various joints can be used to create amazing poses with characters and the weapons.
  • Playing Base A (sold separately) can be used to create even more dynamic scenes, such as levitating or using effects.
  • This set is not only compatible with existing M.S.G units but is also perfect for use with other clear part weapons (e.g., Magia Blade, Alnair Rod, and Orbit Circle, etc.).

Included Parts:

  • Sword x1
  • Rapier x1
  • Spear x1
  • Large Sword x1
  • Large Sword Connection Joint x1
  • Back Extension Joint x1
  • Effect Arms
  • Effect Arm Joints

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