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The latest addition to the MECHA SUPPLY line is the VECTORED THRUSTER, which includes thruster parts that resemble an airplane jet nozzle. The nozzle parts come in two sizes, and both come in two variations with different sizes and shapes to depict the expansion and contraction of the thrusters. The kit's 3mm connectors work perfectly Kotobukiya's original model kit lines such as Frame Arms and Hexa Gear.

Product Specifications:

  • VECTORED THRUSTER (large) can be enlarged by connecting multiple thrusters together.
  • The base of the VECTORED THRUSTER (small) part is moveable, allowing you to adjust the direction of the thruster.
  • The Jet Nozzle has two large variants, and two small variants which each come with parts to depict the nozzles in expanded and contracted configurations customized to your liking.

Included Parts

  • VECTORED THRUSTER (large) Base x1
  • VECTORED THRUSTER (small) Base x2
  • Attachable Wing Part x2 Set
  • Jet Nozzle (large) Type A Expanded/Contracted mode x1 Set
  • Jet Nozzle (large) Type B Expanded/Contracted mode x1 Set
  • Jet Nozzle (small) Type A Expanded/Contracted mode x4 Set
  • Jet Nozzle (small) Type B Expanded/Contracted mode x4 Set

(This item is a reproduction.)

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