M.S.G Weapon Unit 06 Samurai Master Sword

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The 6th installment of our WEAPON UNIT Renewal Project.

Kotobukiya is updating some items in this long-running series that started 15 years ago.
Replacing WEAPON UNIT06 SAMURAI SWORD is the new Samurai Master Sword.
The Sheath Blade can be deployed to draw the sword from inside it. When the inner sword is sheathed, the entire unit can be used as an extra-large sword.
Users can have fun combining it with other products such as FRAME ARMS, FRAME ARMS GIRL, Megami Device, and HEXA GEAR.

Model Specifications:

  • The blade parts of the sword and the sheath are already colored silver, allowing users to enjoy them without additional painting.
  • The Sheath Blade can be deployed to reveal the Samurai Master Sword inside. The sword can be drawn and sheathed.
  • The Sheath Blade breaks into two parts: one can be used independently as a sword and the other can be transformed into a gun.
  • The product comes with a mount joint and can be attached to the waist or back of Frame Arms models.

Included Items:

  • Samurai Master Sword ×1
  • Sheath Blade ×1
  • Mount Joint ×1

(This item is a reproduction.)


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