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MULTIPLE GUN, with the ability to form unlimited connections, joins the popular Weapon Unit series.

With the concept of “light weight + high expandability,” this product truly shines when combined with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl! Users can enjoy infinite ways to expand on these items.

This multiple gun unit includes 2 small and 2 large main guns, which can be used with the turret and grip parts. Detail covers can be attached using the 3mm connection points on each part.


  • Both the large and small guns have 3mm hard points at the top, bottom, and sides to enable users to attach parts as they like. 3mm joints are used as the connection feature.
  • Detail covers can be attached to the sides of the large and small guns to improve the aesthetics of the unit.
  • 8 detail covers for the exterior of this unit are included in 1 set. When not in use with this series, they can be used to fill the 3mm hard points in models such as Frame Arms or Frame Arms Girl.
  • The turret parts deploy to the left and right. Users can enjoy attaching parts as they like to the hard points at the top and bottom of this unit.
  • Both left and right grip parts are included, so users can utilize them as they like.

Included Items:

  • Multiple Gun (Large) ×2
  • Multiple Gun (Small) ×2
  • Right and Left Side Detail Covers for Multiple Gun (Large)
  • Right and Left Side Detail Covers for Multiple Gun (Small)
  • Turret Part ×2
  • Left and Right Grip Parts
  • 3mm Connection Part ×8
  • Round Detail Cover ×8

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