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M.S.G units have been beefed up!

The first unit to receive an update is the “hardpoints galore” articulated arm.

The arm unit can fold into the main unit, giving it a wide range of adjustability.
The hardpoints all use the same 3mm diameter joint, allowing them to be combined with other models, including Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girls.


  • The main unit is composed of highly articulated joints for mobility, storage, and extension. Each part is designed to be versatile and easy to use on their own.
  • The base units can be freely combined from the two types of parts, “A” and “B,” to change their shape and style to fit the application.
  • The hinge arm can also be attached to the shaft (3mm joint) of the base unit.
  • The joints are the standard 3mm diameter joints, allowing parts to be combined freely.
  • Removing the center part allows the arm unit to be shortened.
  • Converters for changing 3mm joints to 3.3mm joints can be used with other products, including Frame Arms Girls.

Included Items (All HIPS):

  • Base Unit A Parts x 3
  • Base Unit B Parts x 3
  • 3mm Joint Parts for Base Unit x 6
  • Hinge Arms x 3
  • Arm Units x 3
  • 3-Holed Joints x 3
  • Cylinder Joints x 3
  • 3mm Joints x 3
  • 10 Converter Joints x 1 Set

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