Macross Delta VB-6 Konig Monster

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Overwhelming weight! Koenig Monster is the first plastic model in the VF Girl series!

From Variable Fighter Girls (VFG), "VB-6 Konig Monster" is the first plastic model kit! In addition, it is possible to transform and reproduce each form of "Shuttle Mode", "Gerwalk Mode", and "Destroid Mode" only with the aircraft. In addition, the coloring of the aircraft is based on the design of Captain Alberto Larraserval, the ace pilot of the Voldor Air Wing, and the girl is a Voldor who has cat ears and a tail in the image of a waitress. We will deliver an overwhelming volume of yak deculture to girls and mecha in all directions!

  • Color-coded molding, snap kit that does not require adhesive
  • Reproduce the special coloring by pasting the attached stickers and decals
  • It is possible to reproduce 3 forms of the shuttle, gawalk, and destroy mode aircraft alone
  • The coloring of the aircraft is Voldor Air Wing "Alberto Larra Serval" specification
  • The girl adopts Voldor with cat ears and tail
  • Colored face parts included

[Product Specifications]
Scale: non-scale

  • Overall length (Shuttle): Approx. 225mm
  • Overall height (Destroid): Approx. 280mm


  • 3 forms reproduced
  • Snap kit model that does not require adhesive
  • Color-coded molding
  • Includes 2 types of pre-colored face parts and 2 types of achromatic face parts
  • Seal for coloring reproduction and eye decals

*Pedestal is not included.
*The image is a prototype. It may differ from the actual product.
*This product is a plastic model kit. Separate tools are required for assembly.

Macross Delta VB-6 Konig Monster
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Love it, great fitting plastic and build.

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