Madworks - Airbrush Consumables Pack, 0.3mm

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Replacement parts for M-201


  • #3 Nozzle: 0.3mm
  • #15 Needle: 0.3mm
  • #3A Nozzle Cap O-ring
  • #8A Needle Teflon Lock Screw
  • Sealants

SPE02 Airbrush Lubricant: It is recommended to be used for spray needles and push handle copper posts. After the airbrush is cleaned, the mechanical action will lose its smoothness. The use of SPE02 lubricant can make the machine work more smoothly. Use position #15/19/20

SPE02RED Nozzle Sealant: In special circumstances, after the nozzle is removed and cleaned, it must be glued back to ensure that the nozzle has a good seal and is not easy to leak. Use position #3

SPE02GR Nozzle Cover Sealant: Can provide air-tight effect. When the nozzle cover is locked back, there is obviously no sticky feeling. A small amount of sealant can be used to improve the sealing performance and ensure the mist efficiency. Use position #2

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