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Magnetic LED

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Fantastic LED

I bought this since the green Bandai LED kits are hard to come by, and due to the price. I needed a few of these for different kits so I bought 3. Put the first one in an MG Kyrios unit in building and decided to stack the magnets from all 3 i ordered together to see if it would allow me to activate the LED without removing the GN drive. It did and I'm super happy. Thanks again to everyone at Mecha Warehoyse for the great product and hassle free service. I'll definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

Terry Royal
Great alternative to the official Bandai one

LED is very bright and the different modes are awesome. It does take a minute to figure out where to place the magnet to turn it on/off. This will vary depending on the kit. Have mine in my MG Qan(T). The only downside is the battery was dead on arrival. Not a big deal as I got an Energizer one and should last longer than the generic anyhow.

Robert Riker
Great, but fragile

Got this working for about 5 minutes in the mg jesta. Fantastic display and the three modes are really cool to play with. Unfortunately, while fiddling with the backpack (it seemed the magnetic 'key' could not penetrate through that much plastic), I set the kit on a table and it took a plunge to the carpet 2 feet below. Kit was fine, but the LED unit has not worked since, no matter the strength of magnet to switch on. I took my multimeter to check if it was the battery (unlikely, it's a lithium button cell) and it turns out the component DH321 and right side of the LED emitter no longer completed the circuit. I hope my experience is unique because this was really cool for about 5 minutes

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