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The main character Meireskenbu Zan from the second part of "Kyoukai Senki" joins the FULL MECHANICS line-up! By constructing it on a 1/48 scale, the frame structure is included in the aircraft to make it three-dimensional!
  • Comes with a large, ultra-swinging combat naginata that is as tall as Kenbu Zan.
  • The arm of the weapon rack on the back can be moved to recreate scenes where the sword is drawn.
  • The machine gun on the arm is detachable.
  • Mechanical design that takes into consideration maintenance and durability as well as efficiency during battle.
  • The chest cylinder gimmick, which mimics the muscle-like structure of the human body, reproduces the telescopic movement.
  • Details such as the luster of the joints are reproduced with metallic parts.
  •  Reproduce the arm lifting action of the rear skirt.
  •  Equipped with a cockpit opening and closing gimmick.
  • Metallic 3D stickers recreate the texture of sensor molds on the extremities!

The second part of the TV anime "Kyoukai Senki" starts in April! ! The first episode is available for free on BANDAI SPIRITS official YouTube!

  • Super heat swing type combat naginata x 1
  • 40mm arm machine gun x 1
  • Weapon rack x 1
  • Hand parts open hand (left and right), weapon handle (left and right)
  • Pilot figure x 2 types
  • Metallic 3D sticker × 1
  • Marking sticker × 1

Customer Reviews

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Robert Morales
An Oversized Toy Mech & I Love It!

A solid plastic on plastic build, with some eye pleasing results. Just be weary the joints on the legs are a bit tight.

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