MG 1/100 Master Gundam

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From the School of the Undefeated of the East comes the powerful Master Gundam! Designed around its ability to perform martial arts poses, the MG version possesses multiple sets of expressive hand parts, including Darkness Finger and Master cloth parts, balance ability made possible by a special internal frame. Also included is a figure of Master Asia.

Pairs well with the Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

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Ferdie Malabanan

MG 1/100 Master Gundam


Came to my house fine, took a while but it’s ok, since they were backed up

A reflection of its time

The MG Master Gundam is almost 20 years old at this point. Certain features are phenomenal like the clear purple hands, the cable-tethered rocket arms, the rubber soles of his feet, and even the way the head is assembled.

But there’s much about this kit, as well as Shining and God Gundam, that screams for an updated version. 11 screws, shamefully hollow wings and torso, and worst of all, the ball and socket joint in the ankles that either gets stripped out by the screw or cracks and splits when the screw actually holds. And like with God Gundam, much of the detail in the final product is lost either to the aged molds or the inferior plastic formula. Some panel lines have to be manually scribed in order to be seen.

Does he look nice standing on my shelf? Yes.
Do I recommend the kit? No. Not in its current form. Get the kit if your nostalgia outweighs the lack of technical intrigue. Or, get it if you’re prepared to put a lot of work into making it better. But don’t get it if you expect the present-day standard of quality in a Master Grade.


Great for its age, and still has awesome shelf presence.

Fantastic for an old MG!

This kit is honestly surprisingly amazing for how old it is! Its obviously got problems, but its nothing that a little extra effort might fix. I would say that probably the worst part about this kit is the undergating, the positioning either makes it that parts wont fit properly because you didn't file down enough, or that there are small gaps between parts because you filed a bit too much. Other than that though, the articulation is great with the only downside being that there isn't any upper leg swivel and the legs attach via ball joints.

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