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Mecha Warehouse is excited to announce our next build-off and photo contest: Mecha Warehouse Presents: -REDACTED-.  Each box will contain a single kit from Kotobukiya (the same kit across all boxes), giving everyone a level playing ground to demonstrate their building skills and creativity.  There are two categories: "Out-of-the-box" and "Open".  Click here for the full rules.

REDACTED Boxes will ship approximately on or after 5/19/23.

Note: box condition on included kit may not be mint (but contents should be fine).

Note: contents of the mystery box is not eligible for return once opened.

Customer Reviews

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Jason Arana
Redacted: Not what I expected

Let me preface this by first saying Mecha Warehouse is my first choice when it comes to my mecha modeling shopping. I have never had an issue with an order, the live streams are fun, and the customer service is absolutely top notch. I'll be a customer for life. That being said...

The Redacted box was not at all what I expected and to be honest I asked if it were possible to get a refund when I received the package. The reason for this is because, well, this is Mecha Warehouse and I expected "mecha" as in combat mecha rather than what was received which amounts to basically a
"support vehicle" that really wasn't what comes to mind when you think of mecha.

I understand the purpose of the blind challenge, to test your limits and creativity, no problem with that. However, with some of the "hints" dropped, specifically when a restock of "M.S.G" was announced and it was hinted that "you may want to stock up on these if you're entering the Redacted Contest", that restock further enforced in my mind that this would be a combat styled mecha which it was not to me in any case.

Because of this I will be very hesitant to enter another blind challenge, if I do at all, as I was greatly disappointed. I have tried to sell the model below what I paid and it's still sitting on my shelf as nobody seems to be interested in it. If there is another blind challenge perhaps there could be a way to hint at what the contents will be.

Again I am a loyal customers of Mecha Warehouse, I was just greatly disappointed with this blind challenge and didn't participate.


Jason E. Arana

Get surprise

Get kit, thought about picking up one before but couldn't pass it up this time

Joel McConnell
Love the idea and concept

I love the idea and concept behind this and will participate again.
However I passed on participating this time because the model kit in the box was not my style and I had zero inspiration to build for the contest.

Angel Aguirre
Quick and easy

Amazing service overall

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