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RUBY EYE, the second character in the Megalomaria Unlimited Universe lineup, is based on the concept of the nurse outfit.


This is a deluxe item outfitted with the Metamorphose Unit, a set which contains various medical tool-themed items, including syringes, scalpels, capsules, and a blood pack.
As with the first model, Principal, Ruby Eye is adept at performing a wide range of actions and recreating dynamic poses.
The skirt armor connects using 3mm joints and can be freely adjusted to recreate action poses. It is partially compatible with the armor of the separately sold Principal.


Includes two scalpel-like swords that are able to be connected to create a double-bladed sword. The injectors that attach to the forearm hard points can be removed and used as handheld weapons as well.

The expansion armor skirt features a 3mm joint on each part and consists of six points of articulation.
The Lifeblood Tank, equipped to the back of the model, is based on a blood transfusion pack and has been beautifully molded with clear colorless and clear red plastic. The four Lifeblood Capsules are molded in clear red and clear colorless plastic and can be attached to models.


Articulation Features:
This model shares the same base model as the first character, Principal, and features approximately 50 points of articulation throughout the body. The knee joint is comprised of a single layer of joints and can be bent inward enough to allow the model to sit with one knee up. The knee armor can move independently and can be adjusted to the desired position.
The shoulders are composed of multiple joints, and they can be pulled forward to recreate a crossed arms pose. The range of movement around the shoulders also supports a wide range of poses, such as dynamic full body action poses and two-handed sword stances.
The torso part also has an excellent range of motion, allowing the model to be posed lying down. The neck can move in all directions, allowing for poses where the head is turned away. The elbows have a deep bend that makes charming poses such as putting a hand on the cheek possible.
The right and left hip joints can move independently in all four directions, allowing users to recreate stretching and split poses. The model has an incredible range of poses that can be displayed, from high kicks to sitting curled up.
For the rear armor, there is also a single-piece version that is not separated into left and right parts that can be used freely.

Three-point Wrist Joints:
The wrists are designed to bend inwards almost 180 degrees which allow the hard point to be brought forward. Combining the model with weapon units sold separately can turn the arms themselves into weapons, recreating a monster-like appearance. The normal wrist joints and spacer can be used freely to one’s preference.

Seven types of hands are included and consist of hands designed for holding swords and guns as well as knife-hand strike hands and multiple open hands.

Compatibility of Heads and Masks:
The head features multiple layers that can be removed.
The visor has the same design as the bangs of Sousai Shojo Teien models, so it can be used interchangeably.
In addition to the mask with an eyepatch, Ruby Eye also comes with a mask with both eyes open. The mask is also compatible with Sousai Shojo Teien face parts allowing characters to wear the mask or helmet.
*Regarding visor/mask compatibility: Sousai Shojo Teien's Ao Gennai and Bukiko Kotobuki use unique standards so they are not compatible with Ruby Eye.

Included Items:
・Ruby Eye Model x1
・Mask (Eyepatch) x1
・Mask (Both Eyes Open) x1
・Seven Types of Hand Parts
・Scalpel x2
・Double-Bladed Mode Connection Part x1
・Injector x2
・Lifeblood Capsule x4
・Hip Armor with 3mm Connection Joint compatible with Flying Base x1
・Standard Wrist Joint and Spacer x1 (Left and Right)
・Single-Piece Rear Armor x1

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