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“Destiny Gundam” from “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY” is now an MG kit! The proportions of the whole body are arranged to highlight its features.

The wings are equipped with a gimmick that allows small feathers to move in conjunction with the unfolding.

The movable collar, pull-out mechanism for the shoulders, and gimmick to increase the width of the hip joints allow for impressive poses seen in the movie. Reproducible - The beam parts of the anti-ship sword and beam boomerang are reproduced with clear parts, and the high-energy long-range beam cannon is equipped with a gimmick in which the sensor part protrudes when deployed - Beam rifle, shield, beam boomerang x 2, anti-ship sword Aron Dite , high-energy long-range beam cannon and other weapons are included. 1/100 scale figures of Shinn Asuka and Stella Luce, and a special stand are included.

Pairs well with the MG Destiny Water Decal from Delpi Decal

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It's a great build to get

It was a quick and easy build no problems with it. It looks even better in my display case

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