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From the anime and manga “Gundam Thunderbolt,” the Psycho Zaku has been designed with heightened proportion and features by mechanical designer Hajime Katoki. Unique aspects to this release include giant special booster seen only in the animation, completely articulated sub-arms that can fold into backpack, realistic joint and power pipe covers, and sole mounted-claws. Weapons include beam bazooka, 3 giant bazookas, 2 zaku machine haws, 2 heat hawks, 3 storm fausts, display 2 types of dispay stands. Runner x 35, water slides, 10 vinyl covers, springs for leg pipes.

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Pairs well with the Custom Decal - [MG] Psycho Zaku [Thunderbolt Ver.] from G-Rework

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Kyle Walek
Don't wait! It's worth it!

Absolutely beautiful kit. They did an outstanding job designing everything to look its best. The main body has lovely white and orange accents with little pops of gold boosters and black joint tubing, and then you slap on the massive booster engines and what you have is a gorgeous centerpiece for any collection. The assembly takes awhile, but comes together smart, with the only headache really being the shrink tubing that goes over certain joints and tubes. It's a little frustrating, but it's all durable enough that you won't break anything figuring it out. Lastly, the water decals ot comes with provide more than mere generic white scribbles to throw on random places on the suit, (it still does have those) but also provides these lines to add detail to the boosters and MS armor plates. You need to patient enough to apply water decals well, but it really elevates the finished kit. Not an entry level kit for SURE but if you feel confident enough to build MG kits, I urge you to pick this kit up. You will love it!
I'll mention a few issues with the kit just to keep the review complete: the beam bazooka does not work. It's too heavy for the arms to easily hold up and won't fit over the elaborate shoulder guards. On top of this, the hands are a very simple "swap this part for these fingers" type with a ball jointed thumb that does not have a slot in it to attach weapons to. It expects this set up to just hold the handles well, but weapons are more likely than not going to sit weirdly in the hands if they will stay at all! Also, you'll see size is mentioned in the other reviews. They are not incorrect. The box is the same size as the PG freedom gundam box I have, and if you're a kit queuer, this guy is going to take up quite a lot of space waiting for you to build it. The kit itself is large too. The Zaku by itself is a full MG sized MS, but then you put a 2ft long engine onto its back and suddenly it's taking up all the space on your desk! You should probably make sure you have some space to fit this into your display area.
Other than that, I'll attach some pictures, and hope that you get it and wish you the best of luck! Now I just need the Full Armor Gundam to Restock!


Came in a day early. This thing is huge. My son wants it. I will use his tears to prewash before painting.

Gregory Blair
Major shelf presents

super fun to build

MG 1/100 psycho zaku

I won this from #Mechawarehousechooseme And I have got to say this things box is massive. I have not gotten the chance yet to build this monstrosity due to a shortage of space, and in fear of the Wife freaking out.. probably just going to have to hang it from the ceiling. (seriously look up videos of this thing on youtube.) A must have for all zaku fans out there. Hands down! Sieg zeon!

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