MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver 2.0

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From "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM", Ver.2.0 of "Zaku", which is conscious of the development lineage of mobile suits, appears in the MG series! By twisting and moving the links of each part, a new range of motion that could not be taken before, such as a forward bending pose, is reproduced. The inner frame of the shoulder armor is reproduced, and the outer shell is integrally molded to reproduce the spikes. The cockpit hatch can be opened and closed on both sides, The cockpit seat can be moved left and right by operating the lever on the back side. The camera eye is equipped with a line of sight movement gimmick linked to the movement of the neck. Representative ground equipment such as Zaku machine gun, Zaku bazooka, heat hawk, and triple leg missile pods. Includes machine gun, bazooka and heat hawk. Runner x 13, sticker x 2 and Manual x 1

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Pairs well with the [MG] MS-06F/J ZAKU II 2.0 custom decal from G-Rework

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LOVE that I finally got a ZAKU kit in a LARGER size than HG 👍🏼😎🤖

Merging Continuity and Practicality

To put it succinctly, aside from the missile launchers and the less notable propulsion system, it’s another freaking Zaku II 2.0, which honestly is the best possible situation for this kit to be in.

Economically and aesthetically speaking, the Zaku 2.0 is nothing short of a triumph. So many variations stem from this one frame that all Bandai has to do is change the color and a couple shapes and BAM, it’s fresh and new. And that’s fantastic news for army builders out there. Despite the different accessories and attachments, the Zaku 2.0 has lended its design consistency to so many of the modern Universal Century favorites like the Gouf 2.0 and the Gelgoog 2.0, which while making the aesthetic coherent also perpetuates the continuity of the Zaku pedigree in the anime.

I’ve built Char’s Zaku, the Gouf, the Gelgoog, and now this Zaku, and I can’t say I’ve gotten tired of it yet. In fact, I’m itching to see more diversity in Zakus so I can add them to my cart.

You hear that, Zaku Cannon? I’m coming for you soon enough!

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