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This machine is a lunar landing support boat of the mercenary army. In the invasion operation on the moon, it is very dangerous and important to descend by assault before the friendly fireball rushes in, sniping the anti-aircraft facilities and anti-aircraft weapons of the target facility, destroying them, and then rapidly rising and leaving the lunar orbit at once. It is a machine that plays a role.

It can be said that it is close to "Wild Weasel" in modern air warfare. In order to shake off the gravity of the moon, it is equipped with a plasma rocket motor, which is usually used for transport ships, etc., and the aircraft is large with a total length of 10.85m.
Equipped with a railgun with a long range and a fast muzzle velocity on the lower front of the fuselage. It has strong armor that cannot be pierced by enemy Strahl's laser weapons . Eight planes were introduced in "Operation Dynamo" and dived all at once. Although this operation itself failed, it played an active role in supporting the descent and withdrawal of the Fireball Corps.

The kit reproduces Luna Diver Stingray on 1/35 scale.
The prototype for mold production uses a newly modeled model under the thorough supervision of Mr. Hiroshi Yokoyama.
Railgun and main nozzle are movable.
The inside of the cockpit is also made into parts.
Two types of pilot figures are included, one in the seat and the other about to get out of the aircraft.
With display stand.
In addition, the same scale "Fireball SG" and "SG Prowler" are included to enhance the presence!

The decals are silk-screen printed to set markings for 4 machines.
A popular "painting card" is also included.

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