1:35 P.K.H. 103 Nutcracker

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This machine is an unmanned large hover tank developed by the Strahl Defense Force for anti-AFS. It has a special heat-resistant ceramic armor that can withstand mid-infrared laser attacks from enemy AFS, and is a strong mobile turret equipped with two 6cm laser cannons. Due to defeating many enemy AFS (commonly known as Peanuts) and achieving battle results, it came to be called "Nut Locker" by allies and enemies. The kit faithfully reproduces the original model in his 1/35 scale. The bottom hover part is a three-dimensional version of the latest settings supervised by Hiroshi Yokoyama. Maki Sedo is in charge of prototype production. The turret is rotatable. Rotating laser movable type on the side of the turret. The hatch on the right side of the hover is a separate part, and the internal refueling port is also reproduced. A smoke discharger is available as an option. In addition, the same scale "Gustav" and its advanced version "Melzine" are included! The left arm can be used as a manipulator or an excimer high output laser gun. Neupanzerfaust & Panzerschreck are set in a selective manner. Gustav has a clear canopy and comes with pilot parts for boarding. A familiar painting card is also included.

Decal (Marking)
  • Set of 4 silk screen decals

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Rob Sadler
Ma. K Nutcracker

This was a super fun kit to build and there are plenty of ways to customize it and make it your own. I'm hoping more Ma. K kits come back in stock.

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