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Presenting a MODEROID plastic model of Gaiking!
From the anime series "GAIKING LEGEND OF DAIKU-MARYU" comes a rerelease of the plastic model of Gaiking! The mecha has been recreated in detail based on its appearance from the anime. The joints are articulated for easy posing, and it comes with the Gaiking Lance and Gaiking Shield. The Counter Crosses in its legs can be removed and combined with the Gaiking Lance to create the Counter Lance. Additionally, interchangeable parts are included to recreate its Face Open appearance.

Gaiking can be combined with Raiking and Balking (sold separately) in order to recreate Gaiking the Great and its combination sequence! The model is made of PS&ABS materials. Colored runners (black, white, red, gray, gold), pre-painted parts and stickers are included, allowing you to easily recreate the mecha from the series with a simple assembly.

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Chris Mascio
Solid Service / So-So Product

I’m new to the Gunpla hobby, having only a few HG and RG kits to my name. However, very quickly upon unboxing the Moderoid Gaiking I knew this would not be of the same quality as the Bandai kits. My biggest gripes: The parts are nowhere near as detailed or precise and joints, once assembled frequently come apart when posing. Makes one really appreciate the artistry and engineering of Bandai kits.

Regardless, it was a fun, easy build. I’m a Gaiking fan from waaaay back so regardless of its quality, it was a must have kit for me.

Service, price and shipping at Mecha Warehouse was as usual, excellent.

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