MODEROID Third-generation Seishuusengou Uemon-no-jou Muramasa

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The truth of Tsurugi is here!

From "FullMetalDaemon MURAMASA" comes a MODEROID plastic model of Senkoemonnojo Muramasa III!

  • Head height about 160mm. Each joint is movable.
  • Wakizashi, sword, and nodachi are included.
  • The sheath of the Nodachi is movable. It is possible to reproduce the electromagnetic sword pose.
  • Reproduce the posing with the sword held and the flying posture.
  • A water slide decal that reproduces the patterns and letters placed on the whole body is included.
  • Each molding color and pre-painted parts reproduce the color coding that is close to the image just by assembling.

Customer Reviews

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Jaylen Savage
I'm a big fan of it and it restored my faith in Moderoid

Very solid build. Super fun to build with clear instructions. Stands up well without a base(as long as you don't do anything too actiony).Would recommend to anyone familiar with the series or not.

Hooper Triplett

This is my first Moderoid model and it exceeded all expectations. The level of detail and creativity exceeds nearly everything from Bandai. Highly recommended for someone looking for a break from the same ol' frame and dimensions of the MG line.

Lots of undergating (for good or bad), excellent color separation, no stickers, and just a tiny bit of flashing on two parts that were easily removed. Looks good without the included waterslide decals.

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