MODEROID 1/60 Patlabor Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier

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After more than 30 years, the
long-awaited three-dimensional model of Labor Carrier along with the command vehicle!

Forward and backup are one and the same! From the anime "Mobile Police Patlabor", the long-awaited 1/60 scale commercialization of the special vehicle "Type 98 Special Command Vehicle & Type 99 Special Labor Carrier" that is used together with the police Labor! Labor career is the first three-dimensional and plastic kit since the program broadcast.

  • Under the thorough supervision of designer Shoji Kawamori, the definitive version has been updated and detailed to a more modern vehicle.
  • A powerful size with a body length of 290 mm. Each wheel is connected by a metal shaft and can rotate, and the tires are made of rubber. The patrol lamp and window are made of clear parts.
  • In addition to the front and rear rotation of the wheels, the towing vehicle has a left and right swing mechanism for the front wheels, allowing the vehicle body to turn left and right. In addition to the storage and deployment mechanism of the floodlight on the upper part of the car body, the shape of the driver's seat is reproduced.
  • The multi-purpose hanger at the back can be equipped with the separately sold MODEROID Ingram, Peacemaker, and Variant police labors that appear in the play, as well as a movable arm for fixing the labor, a rotating crane, and a telescopic gimmick on the steps.
  • The outrigger has a telescopic gimmick. The multi-purpose hanger can be jacked up 90 degrees vertically, allowing you to reproduce the deck-up effect of the impressive loading labor in the play!

It is a set with a command vehicle of the same scale, and is an indispensable item for reproducing the formation of the Special Vehicle Section 2.
It comes with color-coded molding colors, partially colored parts, and water transfer decals for reproducing the car body markings, so you can reproduce the appearance just like the image in the play just by assembling.

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