MG 1/100 MS07B-3 Gouf Custom

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The Gouf Custom from the popular 08th MS Team OVA series appears in MG form! Retains all its original weaponry including 5-barel machine gun, gattling shield that can be detached, heat saber, and coil like heat rod.

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Pairs well with the MG Gouf Custom Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Pairs well with the HG MG Gouf Universal Waterslide Decal Sheet from Delpi Decal.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Walek
Least fun I've had with gunpla yet

Disclaimer: It was still fun! Just, less. The screws honestly aren't a turn off. It's weird if you've never put them in before, but there were no issues there assembling. Instead, I'd complain that the quality of the parts seemed just a tad lower overall than my prior MG kits (which to be fair are newer), with noticably, the "nose" (the head... ...filter? Thing?) Not fitting right and sitting kind of loose on the face. Also there are two painful hose sections where you assemble the cable/hose/tube things on the head and waist link-by-link by sliding beads onto a pre-shaped wire. So much room for error there, you lose one while you cut them from the sprue, you thread them in the wrong order, you drop one while assembling, or, you do what I did and struggle to get the waist hoses attached, only to after finally getting it all into place, noticing a link missing, having fallen off while I forced the lines into place.
I think it looks wonderful, I love how the blue stands out among my models, and unlike another reviewer, my model's arms are strong enough to support the gatling shield, however I worry a slight nudge will send the model tumbling, its balance seems unstable. Would build again, though if I had time travel, I'd maybe look for another model kit instead.


My main/1st goto shop for anything gunpla #shipping is always fast and intact

Will Hallowell
Beautiful Kit.

Yes, it has screws but it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Everything fit where it should but my only complaint is that the shield gatling is too heavy to pose it.


Great product. Would highly recommend.

Juan Baez
My first MG

I am still fairly new, but the HG's I've done are apparently newer and better designed internally. I wasn't prepared for the screws, and then the crazy tube construction. After completion, his left arm also has trouble sustaining the shield poses. The end model is still awesome and not to be missed, just maybe look for a newer MG for your first foray into this tier.

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