M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 05 Mega Slash Edge

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Introducing a large beam weapon containing multiple features and multi-stage transformations!

Next in the popular HEAVY WEAPON UNIT series is another large blade-type weapon following UNITE SWORD.

The beam blade part of the base “Saber Mode” is cast in clear green plastic and can be disassembled. By removing the beam blade, the weapon can be transformed into standby mode.

By using the rearrangement feature often seen in this series, this product can be configured into several modes, including “Arrow Mode”, “Bowgun Mode”, and “Blaster Mode”.

In addition, when disassembled, each part can be used as either a long sword, short ax, or rifle.

This kit includes the series’ standard 3mm connection joints so users can enjoy combining this product with other series such as the HEAVY WEAPON UNIT and Frame Arms series.

(This item is a reproduction.)

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It's kinda loose when put together and isn't too compatible with hg gunpla kits (might be better with master grades??) But it looks dope on display and I really like it

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