M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 42 Exenith Wing Black Ver.

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Transform, Combine, Infinite Connection!
The flying unit with limitless possibilities for augmentation is here in all new colors!!

Taking the three elements of transform, combine and infinite connection from Unite Sword, Mega Slash Edge, and Gun Blade Lance - the popular Heavy Weapons Unit series, this flight unit aims for the lofty heights of adding yet another element: augmentability.
This kit comes in different colors than the standard version, featuring black as its main and red in place of the clear parts.
Once disassembled, the parts of the flying unit become various independent weapons, armor and joint parts. These parts can then be recombined together in a multitude of variations to create all manner of giant weapons and arms.
Once removed, the Blade Wing and Mount Arm can be recombined infinitely, thanks to their 3mm connection joints. Users can even chain parts together to make limitless variations of giant wings and flexible mount arms.

This item was developed in cooperation with KIKUCHI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD., located in Hachioji, Tokyo, with the aspiration to illustrate quality Japanese craftsmanship.

Kikuchi Seisakusho is “a company that provides integrated support for monozukuri” that offers a helping hand for creating new products in all kinds of fields with their package solution system that includes development, design, molding, prototyping, evaluation, and mass production.
Not only do they strive for production efficiency, but their goal is the “creation of a support industry” that provides assistance through crafts. Using their technology and sticking to down-to-earth production, they strive for a society that is considerate, creates helpful products, and flourishes with kindness.

Attach the unit to the back or waist of FRAME ARMS models to use the unit as a Large Winged Flight Unit.
The main unit can be disassembled to use as various weapons, armors, and joint parts, including a one-handed sword, daggers, blasters, a shield, sub-arms, and more.
The included dedicated clear parts can be attached to the wing or removed and added to various weapon parts to create a longsword, a lance, double blades, and other large weapons.
When disassembled, the Blade Wing and Mount Arm can be recombined infinitely, thanks to their 3mm connection joints. Build epic variations such as giant wings extended as wide as they will hold, or flexible mount arms.
Compatible with this unit and many others, this kit includes a dedicated attachment part to allow connection to the waist of Frame Architects.

Included Items:

  • Blade Wing ×2
  • Pistol Dagger ×2
  • Multigun ×2
  • Exenith Shield ×1
  • Mount Arm ×2
  • Dedicated Grip ×1
  • Dedicated Clear Parts A ×2
  • Dedicated Clear Parts B ×2
  • Attachment for Frame Architect ×1
  • Standard 3mm Connection Joint ×2

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