M.S.G. Heavy Weapon Unit 45 Exceed Binder 2 White

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A kit of interconnected clear armor units from the Heavy Weapon Unit series is here in all new colors!!
The concept of this product is creating clear articulated wing armor perfect for character models.

The new version features white as its main color with yellow clear parts.

The parts can be assembled in a variety of different combinations such as the beautiful “wing mode” with a sharp silhouette, or “defense mode” as a body-length shield, and can be used to create unique customizations with other kits.
The clear color of the armor gives users a glimpse of the white frame inside for a beautiful finish on this Heavy Weapon Unit.

This item was developed in cooperation with KIKUCHI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD., located in Hachioji, Tokyo, with the aspiration to illustrate quality Japanese craftsmanship.

Kikuchi Seisakusho is “a company that provides integrated support for monozukuri” that offers a helping hand for creating new products in all kinds of fields with their package solution system that includes development, design, molding, prototyping, evaluation, and mass production.
Not only do they strive for production efficiency, but their goal is the “creation of a support industry” that provides assistance through crafts. Using their technology and sticking to down-to-earth production, they strive for a society that is considerate, creates helpful products, and flourishes with kindness.

Model Specifications:
The joint units for connecting the binders are articulated, making it possible to change the angle and create various poses and scenes.
The binder alone features an open/close mechanic allowing for a variety of silhouettes.
Each binder features an extension mechanism so users can link one after another in a chain limited only by their imaginations!
The included clear sword and clear dagger can be stowed on the other side of the binder.
The 3mm connection joints on the base attachment can be moved up and down allowing it to be equipped to many other kits.
As the binder itself has a 3mm connection point, it can be used with a flying base and mounted in a stand-alone unit configuration. Use this feature to create cool scenes with binders hovering in the air!

Included Items:

  • Binder Unit ×4
  • Connection Base ×1
  • Joint Unit ×4
  • Clear Sword ×2
  • Clear Dagger ×4

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