M.S.G. Weapon Unit 42 Folding Arm

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M.S.G WEAPON UNIT42 is FOLDING ARM, designed to be a multi-purpose unit with a variety of uses!

3mm joints have been used throughout this unit, allowing for a wide range of articulation.

When stored, it is almost completely square and does not interfere with the overall silhouette when equipped.

The upper arm can be extended to a maximum of about 90mm.

Each part can be separated and used as a connector part. As the unit utilizes 3mm joints, this also means all types of M.S.G can be used.

Small missile pods are equipped on the tip of the upper arms, and collapsible rifles are equipped to the lower arms as standard weapons.
The muzzle of the collapsible rifles are also compatible with 3mm parts, making it possible to attach all types of M.S.G.
The multi-platform that connects the arms and weapons is also compatible with all types of M.S.G.

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